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Review: "Naked Edge" by Charli Webb (Review by Stephenee)

Skylar's family was forced into the witness protection program when she was only seventeen. After her mother died years later, Sky moved back in with the only family she had left. She knew she'd run into her high school sweetheart but she didn't expect the changes she found in Rowdy. He wasn't the sweet boy she left so many years ago. He'd turned into a womanizing jerk but that didn't stop her heart from wanting him.

For mature readers 18 and over, due to sexual content and language.
Review by Stephenee:
5/5 stars
*I was given a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

I really enjoyed reading this book, it started out with a cliffhanger and ended with a perfect resolution, but there was a lot going on throughout! The main characters started out fresh, relatable and with an instant chemistry that you could feel through the pages. They were able to continue to grow throughout the book and it actually felt like you were there with them! I wanted to pick up the phone and call the characters that's how real they seemed while I was reading. There was love, romance, mystery and suspense throughout to make it the perfect book for anyone's favorite genre. I also loved learning about mountain climbing and loved the fact that there was a glossary of terms in the back for those of us who aren't familiar with climbing terminology. This was one of those books that you really still think about long after you have finished reading it and also one that once you start you keep telling yourself, just one more page and I will put it down, only to finish it without putting it down! This was the first book that I have read by Charli Webb but it won't be the last!
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Review: Heart of Steele Series by Crystal Blue (reviewed by Amanda)



Twenty-one year-old Ashley Steele is the only daughter of billionaire copper magnate and developer Walter Steele. For most of her life, ever since Ashley was seven and he forced her mother to leave after finding her in bed with his CFO, Walter has spoiled Ashley shamelessly. While she loves her father, Ashley has complicated feelings around her mother’s departure, and has been exacting a unique form of revenge on her dad for a while now. Following her absent mother’s lead for a reason she can’t name, Ashley has been seducing her father’s employees one by one. At the same time, her neighbor’s son has blackmailed her into dating him steadily. But she may have met her match when she goes after Jake Daniels, a general contractor on one of Walter’s buildings. Love wasn’t on her agenda. To make matters worse, Walter is facing a severe financial setback. Can this spoiled little rich girl grow up fast enough to help things turn out right for her dad? Will she get what she wants from Jake and move on as she always has before? Or has he captured her heart?

Review by Amanda:

4/5 stars

I really enjoy love triangle books. It's always a recipe for disaster and a ton of drama which is what I like to read about. This book is about a spoiled girl who grew up wondering why her mother left her at a young age. She is expected to marry one man, Dirk, but falls in love with another, Jake. Her bad habits get in the way and Jake decides he no longer wants her in his life. Something unexpectantly happens with her family and it leaves all of them reevaluating their lives and having to make change. She's determined to get Jake back but at what lengths will she have to go? I'm looking forward to reading the next book to find out what happens.



A broken heart, a new purpose, a mission in a third-world country. Can a spoiled rich girl find happiness serving others?

Ashley Steele has emerged from clinical depression with a new purpose; volunteering in her psychiatrist’s favorite charity, Building a Better Bolivia. By leaving her home and pampered life behind, Ashley hopes to sort out her feelings about her mother’s and former boyfriend’s rejection and the hedonistic life she has lived until now.

As Ashley throws herself into unfamiliar labor and learns to interact with men as friends instead of conquests, what will she learn about herself? Has she really changed?
Is a second chance at romance in her future? And, can she remain safe in a troubled country, to fulfill the promises she has made to herself and the children she has grown to love?

Review by Amanda:

4/5 stars

*I was given a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This book made me sad but I still enjoyed it. It's a short book and easy to read. The author did a good job with the setting and timeline of events. This book is about a girl who was once a spoiled brat having turned into a wonderful selfless young lady. Ashley finally recovers from the rejection of Jake and falls in love again. Then, one terrible thing after the next happens and it leaves her heart broken. She dives into her work to try to occupy her time and heal her heart. With the help of her family and best friend, she hopes to learn to love again one day.


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A Girl Amongst Books "Top Reads of 2013"

As the end of the year approaches, I always like to look back and "re-visit" some of the authors and books that I have read over the year. This year my obsession with reading has taken me onto a path, that I never thought it would. I started THIS blog and my Facebook page ( to start talking about what I was reading and to connect with like minded enthusiasts. I have "met" many great authors, bloggers and readers along the way. THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. You all make what I do a ton of fun.

I've been asked what are my TOP 10 Favorite Books of this past year. Now that being asked I have to admit, I am behind on reading what is "current" in the romance department....I have yet to "meet" quite a few of these "book boyfriends" that everyone is always talking about. (I VOW to try to "meet" them in I've read 103 books, so far, this year and while compiling this list, realized that I have quite an eclectic taste in books! I think a little of each genre is represented one way or another in my list. So here are the TOP 10 from that list (IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER).

A Girl Amongst Books Top 10 Books of 2013

1. The Red Sun Rises by Victoria Kinnaird

2. A Beautiful Mess by T.K. Leigh

3. Lover At Last by J.R. Ward

4. Living Again by LL Collins

5. Arsen: A Broken Love Story by Mia Asher

6. Sexy Berkeley by Dani Lovell

7. Fire Country by David Estes

8. Vampire Origins: Project Ichorus by Riley Banks

9. Muse: Descended from Myth by Erin McFadden

10. Madeleine, Abducted by M.S. Willis

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Review: "Never Close Enough" by Anie Michaels (Review by Amanda & Stephenee)


The last thing Ella Sinclair needed on her birthday was a cheating boyfriend, a broken heart, and a dead car battery in a remote beach town. At her greatest moment of need, a protective and sexy Porter Masters comes to her rescue. Ella takes a holiday week at the coast to discover herself and finds her attraction to Porter potent and undeniable. Uncertain of their future together, Ella struggles to open her heart to trust again.

Porter Masters takes care of his own: his single mother, his company, and now he’s compelled to protect the beauty that walked into his world. Never one for relationships in his past, Porter discovers that he was waiting all along for Ella. As their time together comes to an end, will Porter fight for the woman who stole his heart? Porter will find a way to keep her, despite the obstacles.

Review by Stephenee:

5/5 STARS!!

** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. ** 

With that being said, I really enjoyed this book. Some parts of the story were easily predictable, but I think that made the story fly by. The ending of the book is a major cliffhanger and I didn't predict that at all! I was hoping for a neat little tidy ending and then boom....there was a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers! Now I am on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen in the next book! I am looking forward to continuing the story of Ella and Porter and am rooting for them and for the "bad guys" to get what they deserve!!
The characters make you instantly like them, even when they are doing their best to make you not want to like them! This was a great book and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a quick, fun read! Just beware that there will be another coming that you will want right away!! Now I will sit and wait for the next one and make up ideas and stories about the characters in my head until it is released, but it does give me something to look forward to.....stay tuned for book 2!!

Review by Amanda:

4/5 STARS!

*I recieved a free copy of this book from the author in exchnage for an honest review.*

This book was a little cliche and predictable. It's a love story that has a twist towards the end and a sad ending and it left me feeling very angry. It has it's way of drawing you in and becoming invested in what happens next. I can't wait for the second book to find out what happens with Ella and Porter.


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Review: "Family Night" by Tim Miller



In 2010, one of the most grisly discoveries in Texas history was made. Numerous body parts and human remains were found on an abandoned farm near San Antonio. Very little information was made public, until now.

Eddie Mason is a family man. But his is not your typical family. With a wife at home who belittles and ridicules him at every turn, he has sought other means of satisfaction.

With his teenage daughter Brandi, and small son Jeffrey, he teaches them the most horrifying of rituals. Using his kids as bait, Eddie captures his victims and takes his children on a journey of torture, cannibalism and mayhem. Learn what the Masons do on Family Night.

Review by A Girl Amongst Books (Jessica):

4 1/2 Stars!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

This book grabs you from the beginning and stays with you long after you've finished and walked away. I am not easily scared or shocked, but this book literally made me cringe several times from the unsettling events that occur. The author writes in a way, that makes this story totally believable. This also adds to the creepy, unsettled feeling you surely will get by reading it. If you are looking for a gritty, dark, gory read; this book is definitely for you. This can easily be read in one sitting! I look forward to reading more from this author!


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Review: "Desperation Lingers" by Anthony Paull


Desperation Lingers doesn't want to die! She simply wants to break the habit of living another disastrous day. A guidance counselor at a Miami second chance school, she longs to be a teacher but sends the students scattering like roaches, calling her beastly names. Principal Hector Rivera says she's too high society, unable to relate. His criticism would be easier to take if the two weren't having a rocky, not-so-private affair. Still reeling from a series of failed marriages can she prove to Hector -- everyone -- that she has what it takes to lead a class? Recruiting three unlikely students, she devises a secret plan to instruct Miami's greatest social misfits the one subject she knows best -- etiquette. But who's teaching whom? And in the end, to what depths will Desperation plunge to learn the truth about life, love, and being a lady?

A romance of hilarity in the most nontraditional sense!

Review by A Girl Amongst Books (Jessica):

Rating 5 Stars!

*I received a copy for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This book is not the type I normally read. I knew this from the blurb, but something about it spoke to me. In the beginning, I wasn't really sure where the story was taking me, so I just sat back and let it unfold. I'm glad, that I took the time to step out of my "comfort" zone and read this. Desperation is NOT your typical heroine...actually she's everything you hope your heroine is NOT....(well at least in the beginning). She takes you on her journey of self discovery and along the way you feel uplifted as well. As a woman, I understood Dee's struggles. Not feeling like she is pretty enough, smart enough, worthy of anything good. I've been there and Dee's struggles really touched me..I quickly found myself rooting for her and when she would mess up or something disastrous would happen, I found myself saying "Pull it together Desperation!" There are a few twists that kept the story interesting and the ending had me tear up a little. The author really brings Dee's character to life and you can clearly picture her in your mind! I would recommend this book! Give it a shot!!!


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Review: "Here To Stay" by Kristine Raymond (Reviewed by Amanda)



Sam Mackenzie rode into the town of Hidden Springs looking for a place to belong. He takes a job at Ryan’s Ranch and is immediately attracted to the ranch’s pretty, female, owner.

Kate Ryan is a woman determined to make it on her own. Chafing at the thought of having to hire help, she nonetheless falls for the handsome stranger who answers her ad.

When they meet, sparks fly and they are drawn to each other. But life in 1867 Arizona Territory isn’t easy. When a secret from Kate’s past comes to light, they are each faced with the challenge of making a difficult decision.

Will they turn and run or are they here to stay?

***MATURE CONTENT*** ***Sex; violence***

Review by Amanda:

This is a well written book. The author flawlessly added descriptions to the scenery, what they wore, and how they felt. It was like I was right there in the book with characters. It was exactly what I like in a book. It's a love story between Kate and Sam with many triumphs and heartache along the way. Kate rides into Hidden Springs and has a dark secret. Sam is determined to get her to love him. Just when she does, something terrible happens and their world is shattered. Will they ever get past it?


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Review: Conklin's Blueprints by Brooke Page (Review by Stephenee)


Recent graduate Becca Stine’s all to perfect and predictable life went spiraling out of control when her supposed childhood friend committed the ultimate betrayal. Following college, Becca attempts to bury the pain by retreating into a dangerous lifestyle with her best friend, Jamie Rae. She decides it’s time to grow up after being irresponsible, broken, and out of control. To Becca’s horror, her only option is to return to her hometown of Grand Rapids. Worried she will forever live in the shadow of her prominent family’s notability, Becca decides moving is her only opportunity to get her feet back on the ground. With her best friend in tow, Becca reluctantly heads home to attempt to live her ideal life.

Little does Becca know the owner of the architecture firm she lands a job with has an intriguingly mysterious son. Tyler Conklin is infatuated with Becca, yet is apprehensive about a public relationship because of his hidden baggage. Not wanting anyone to know about his slight obsession with her, their potential relationship must be kept a secret. Will Becca put up with Tyler’s untold story for long? Will she tolerate being his secret?

Review by Stephenee:

I love, love, loved it and can not wait for the second one to come out in January!!! The book was such a quick read (maybe since I couldn't put it down) that I finished it in two days! The characters are instantly relatable and make you want to root for the relationship right from the start. Anybody who has gone through their teen years into adulthood can find something that they may have experienced and can easily picture as themselves right from the start of the book! There is some mild erotic language/scenes in the book but nothing that makes you red in the face which is good since I was reading it with my family. I loved that the author didn't try to make the characters into villains and that the plot of the book was believable. A great read that I highly recommend to any and all!!! Enjoy!!


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Review: "Blowhole Boys Series" by Tabatha Vargo .....Reviews all by Showdog

Playing Patience (Blow Hole Boys, #1)


Sometimes all you need is Patience.

Life’s been hard for Zeke. Being a punching bag for his alcoholic father has turned him into stone. Not even the dodgy trailer park he lives in can scare him. Fighting is his release and sex, drugs, and his guitar bring him peace, but deep down Zeke isn’t quite as hard as he makes himself out to be. When he meets Patience, she finds all his broken pieces and puts him back together, but she’s a ray of light in his shadowed life and the last thing he wants to do is bring her into his dark world. Playing careless is easy, playing the bad guy can be fun, but playing Patience is impossible, especially when she can see right through him.

Zeke isn’t the only one who’s broken, and for the first time, in a long time, Patience feels alive. Her black and white world gets a shot of color when she meets Zeke. He’s unlike anyone she’s ever met with his tattoos, piercings, and blunt honesty. She wants nothing more than to let go and ride the wild side with him, but some wounds never heal and the broken pieces of Patience aren’t so easy to find.

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young adult readers***

Review by Showdog:

Wow...this book blew me away.

"She was the sense of peace I’d been searching for in all the wrong places."

As soon as I read that it was about a tortured and tatted man-whore, and would be rock star from the wrong side of town I knew this would be for me. Yes I know there are lots of books out there with this kind of theme, and many of them are samey but this was one of the better versions I have read. I could not put it down, I devoured it in two sittings.

What really works well is the chemistry between Zeke and Patience (love that name). It isn't instalove, but rather they are drawn to one another because they are both suffering terrible abuse at home, but both of them are forced to keep it hidden from everyone else around them.

"Our lives weren’t so different. Abuse was abuse no matter its form. One wasn’t easier than the other; either way it hurt."

"Zeke and I were both broken parts of a whole person and no matter what piece you put where, it would fit, because we fit."

The abuse scenes were incredibly well written; they felt gritty, realistic and were a gut wrenching read. I'm not a great fan of very angsty reads because I like to escape and live a story, but unusually, I really enjoyed this in spite of the angst. What helped I think was the alternating pov, getting you into the character's head and allowing you to understand why they were behaving in that way. Early on, I wasn't sure if the alternating pov was going to work for me because the same events were told first through one character and then repeated in the next chapter through the other character, but as the story went on, I don't know whether I just got used to it, or whether it became less repetitive, but I found that grew on me and I started to look forward to hearing the other pov on that scene.

The sex scenes were really, hot, but even kisses were so well written and actually really sweet and tender that I got tingles. That's pretty rare in an angsty book.

"I’d been thinking about kissing her since the moment the last kiss ended."

The only reason this is a 4 and not a 5 star read for me was the pacing at the end. It seemed like as much happened in the last 50 pages as in the entire book yet it was summarised and flashed through - I don't understand why, I would love for it to have been written out in the same way as the rest of the book, but instead it all seemed a little rushed to me.

Highly recommended.


Sometimes happy endings are just the beginning of an even harder road.

Although her aunt and sister believe she should get help to deal with her past demons, Patience believes the only thing she needs is Zeke. When he comes back into her world, her life couldn’t be more perfect. Except old demons pick the worst time to surface, and once again their happiness is threatened. Help was never a necessity, but Patience finds out that love isn’t always all you need.

Zeke’s dealt with a lot in his life, but nothing could prepare him for watching the person he loves fall apart. Patience is different, she’s not the girl he came to love. He's willing to do whatever it takes to get her back, but a budding music career and his own demons seem to keep getting in the way. How can you help someone else when you can barely help yourself? Once again Zeke is faced with deciding between his future and the future of Patience.

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young adult readers.***
Review by Showdog:
This continues the story of Zeke and Patience (still love that name) picking up immediately after the end of Playing Patience but - and this confused me - before the epilogue. At least having read the epilogue, I knew where it was ending up eventually, but it either presents a major spoiler or necessary reassurance for anyone embarking on this.

You need to read book 1 first or this book would make little sense to you.

***This review contains major spoilers for bk1***

This was every bit as well written, gripping and compelling as Playing Patience, focusing on Patience trying to overcome the immediate aftermath of the horrendous sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, his death and the death of her mum. She really had a lot going on, which led to her suffering from acute anxiety attacks. So far, so gripping. But this was where I had a problem with this story. She chose to keep the crutch she used to fight the anxiety secret from Zeke, supposedly because she was ashamed. That didn't ring true for me; I found myself rolling my eyes and grinding my teeth with frustration a few times. I simply don't believe she would prefer for Zeke to think that she was cheating on him over confessing her real coping mechanism. For me, that marred this story. My other issue with it was that so much of the story was angst and misery; again, it was well written, but I prefer a little lightness and sweetness to balance the angst and there wasn't enough of that in this story for me as there was in Playing Patience.
Still worth a read if you enjoyed Playing Patience, I just didn't enjoy it as much.

A little FAITH can get you through…

One night. That’s all Finn had with the only girl he ever loved. Years later, all he has left of that night is a silver cross, a broken give a damn, and the unrelenting desire to drink her memory away. As the lead singer of Blow Hole, Finn has his pick of women, but none are able to squash the need he still carries around for Faith. To hate her offers some relief, but when Finn sees her again after so many years, it’s hard to despise her. Especially when every reason he had to hate her, turn out to be lies.

As the daughter of a strict Baptist preacher, Faith Warren lived sheltered from all things sinful. When she met Jimmy Finn, the epitome of all seven deadly sins, she found out exactly what she was missing. After being forced to choose between her soul and the only person in the world who made her feel alive, Faith walked away from Finn and dove head first into her father’s preferred life. But now Finn’s back and he’s getting payback by wreaking havoc on her emotions. Except sometimes bad things feel good, and Faith has to decide once again if she wants to stay in her gilded cage or fly free with the dark angel of lust himself.
Review by Showdog:
This is book 2 in the Blow Hole series, this time telling the story of Faith and the band's front man, Finn. You probably could read it as a standalone, but it makes much more sense if you read the other books first. The characters from Playing and Finding Patience reappear in this.

I really, really enjoyed this.

The story was in 2 parts, the first 70% related events from four years ago and the remainder brings the story up to date.

As with the Patience books, both Faith and Finn have troubled - and in Faith's case, abusive - home lives. Faith is the daughter of a devout preacher, virginal (I know, again, although it was actually plausible in this book for once), innocent and beautiful. Finn is the rough but misunderstood guy who has been sent to do his community service at Faith's father's church. The chemistry between them is amazing in this, it gave me warm and happy tingles. It wasn't all sweetness and light though as Faith's actions drew the attention of her abusive father. The abuse scenes were gripping and felt real, so real they were hard to read at times.

At around 70% everything is going well, too well and I actually contemplated putting this down and stepping away because I knew the inevitable thing that was going to happen to pull the characters apart would be even harder to read than usual because I was so invested in the characters and because I know this author writes angst really, really well.

I'm so glad I persevered though; sure enough, it was hard to read in places, but unusually for an angst wimp like me, I actually enjoyed the second part of this story even more than the first part. Four years on, Faith has won her independence from her father and she's struggling to support herself. Meanwhile Finn is now a singer in a successful rock band, embittered and cynical towards all women, using them and discarding them. Faith ends up cleaning the band's home so we get to enjoy the experience of them falling for one another all over again, but this time with the added zing of the painful 'break-up' getting between them too.

It was hot, it was sweet and tender and in places it was dark. An excellent read.

I'd really recommend this series to anyone who enjoys bad boy rock stars or darker reads.
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Review: Acquiring Hearts by S. Donahue (Review by Beka)



Bradley Roberts is a CEO of a major technology company that he inherited from his deceased father. He basically gave up his life at the young age of twenty-three to take on the many responsibilities he was not ready for. Seven years later, Bradley is not ready to settle down but one day he accidentally meets his secretary’s sister, Giavonna Coppi. He immediately has an attraction to her. She's not like any of the women he has dated before. Bradley finds himself wanting to spend more time with her.

Gia is an independent, hardworking lawyer who's been hurt in the past. She invested all of her time into establishing her career. When she meets Bradley she senses the connection but is afraid to give her all.

Can their relationship withstand the dilemma’s that come between them? Are they meant to be together or is it easier for them to be apart. Only time will tell…

Review by Beka:

I loved the Characters and can not wait to read the next book but I felt the author tried to throw in a lot of teenage slang. That aside the love story between Gia and Brad was great. I got to the last page and was disappointed it was over because I wanted to keep reading about the world she created. Glad there will be a sequel to help with that.


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Review: Surrender To You by C.S. Janey (Review by Stephenee)


Stefan never thought she’d come home…
After five long years, she’s within his reach and he’s determined to find out what she kept hidden from him, while hoping that his own secret won’t tear them apart again.

Simon never expected to fall in love with her…
Asking her out had been impulsive, but suddenly the Doctor is falling for this woman who makes him ache like nobody else ever has and he’s determined to make her his.

Elizabeth never knew she’d feel so strongly for two men…
Torn between the love of an ex she pushed away in the past and the love of a new man that makes her feel alive again, she must make a decision that will ultimately result in a broken heart for one of them.

When tragedy strikes, will she be confident in her final decision?

(This book contains mature language and adult situations, suitable for 17+)

Review by Stephenee:

This book was amazing! It had more twists and turns than Lombard Street and kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what direction we were headed in next! The characters were easily relatable and made you want to root for them, until another twist arose and then you started to root for a whole new set of characters! I loved the plot, the twists and the ending that I never saw coming and would never have imagined, however, it worked really well with to end the book. You will laugh, cry and scratch your head the whole time you read this book and still never get the whole plot figured out. This book was really good and I highly recommend that you read it when you have nothing else to do, because once you start, you will not want to stop!!!


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