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Blog Tour/Book Blast: "Prodigal Son" by Debra Mullins

Book Synopsis:
Bounty hunter Rafe Montana is a Seer, descended from the fabled Atlanteans. He uses his inherited power to "see" criminals across the globe and track them down, and he’s just started on a new case. Danny Cangialosi is accused of disappearing with a stolen car…but for the first time in his life, when Rafe goes looking, he is unable to "see" him. Instead, his search leads him to Danny’s stubborn, meddling, and very cute stepsister, Cara McGaffigan.

Cara is looking for Danny, too, but not to turn him in. He is her brother, after all, and she’s convinced he has a good heart. If she can just find him before the cops do, she’ll figure out a way to get him out of this. But Cara didn’t count on a scorching-hot bounty hunter getting in her way.

Despite instant chemistry, Rafe and Cara know they’re never going to see eye-to-eye when it comes to Danny. What they don’t know is that Danny didn’t just steal a car—he stole a precious stone, a stone right out of the legends of Atlantis. It holds powers they can only dream of…and its owner wants it back.

Excerpt  (#3) from "Prodigal Son"
"If I wanted to do something to you, Cara, I could have done it at any time. The pepper spray wouldn’t have stopped me."
His voice lowered at the end, almost sexy, triggering a curling warmth between her legs. Holy Hannah, was she getting turned on by the bad guy?
Unnerved by the unexpected— unwanted—attraction, she jerked her head backward and connected with what felt like his chin. She saw stars but was rewarded when he grunted, and his grip around her arms loosened for a second. She jerked free, but he grabbed her shirt and they both went down.
As soon as she hit the carpet, she scrambled forward on her hands and knees. Where was the pepper spray? Had it slid under the coffee table? But he caught her ankle and yanked her flat on her belly. Before she could right herself, he was looming over her on all fours, trapping her. For an instant his hips pressed against her rear. Her stomach did a little flip at the intimate position, muscles trembling with a sudden burst of arousal. He flipped her onto her back, then pinned her down in a primitive move that male had used on female since the beginning of time.
His face looked like stone, his body a cage of lean, hard muscle. He smelled of citrus and sandalwood and fabric softener. Heat swept through her limbs, warmed her belly.
No way. She wasn’t going there. She didn’t care how good he smelled.
"Let me up." She bucked her hips, trying to dislodge him, and shoved at his shoulders. Her palms tingled at the contact.
"No." He grabbed her hands and pinned them to the floor above her head, then shifted to manacle one hand around both her wrists. "You’re not playing nice, Cara."
"Miss McGaffigan to you." The position arched her back, giving her way more cleavage than she had ever intended in her yellow V-neck shirt. He didn’t even glance down.
"You can call me Rafe." He yanked off the sunglasses that sat crookedly on her face and tossed them aside. "Let’s see what’s going on with you."


3 1/2 stars

Overall the book was good. The characters are pretty well developed and the plot for the most part flows smoothly. There were a few times in the book when I have second thoughts about the main character, Rafe. The ending wasn't what I had hoped but i'm interested in where the author will take the next book.

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