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Cover Reveal "Thankful" by Amy Cox (book #2 in The Broken Road Series)



This is not a fairy tale, it is life. So please excuse the mess and enjoy the ride.
Warning: Do not read Thankful until you have read Changing Fate. The Broken Roads is a series and should be read in order. Do not read Thankful if you can’t handle real life smacking you in the face, sheet igniting passion, and roller coaster emotions that turn you every way but loose. You will need to be prepared for laughter, tears, holding your breath and sweltering heat.
The Broken Roads Series is about love in all forms, it is about family not being just about blood, and finding the strength to overcome your past to have a chance at a Happy Ever After in the future.

Zack Mitchell spent his entire life this far proclaiming to be the eternal bachelor. No commitments, lots of T&A, and no regrets. That is until he met Kate Davidson and she turned his world upside down. While watching his cousin Ray fall in love with Kate’s sister, Rachel, Zack did the unthinkable, he fell for Kate…hard.
Kate Davidson admitted to loving Zack and being pregnant with his baby… then the very same day she left him and everything she had ever known behind her all to try to out run the demons in her past. After watching her parents die at the hands of a hit and run driver the nightmares and the grief are more that she can take. Letting Zack in again could be the final blow to shatter her for good.
What Kate and Zack feel for each other is intense and they spent a lot of time fighting it. Now with Kate being pregnant and back home after running away four months ago, their feelings seem to be stronger than ever. They both must face their pasts and come to terms with what is meant to be…but someone from the past is dead set against their happy ending.
Can Zack and Kate let go of the past and move on to the future together…Thankful for the bumps in their Broken Roads?

*Changing Fate Bonus Scene*

This takes place the night at the club when Zack and Kate double date with Ray and Rachel. The scene is from Zack’s Point of View.

I could not have been more anxious to get the girls and get to the club tonight. I rushed Ray all afternoon once I got to his Condo and he told me the plan. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my feisty little play date. Kate… Her name is Kate and did man did I really want to play twister with her.

There’s an idea…Twister bed sheets!

When she opened the door and I saw her standing there in that red dress and those shoes. Shit! I nearly blew my load right there in front of her parents and half the neighborhood. I should have bought a fire extinguisher when I stopped to buy condoms. This chick is going to make me burst into flames.

I sit in the chair beside her as Rachel and Ray head off to dance. "Play nice kids." Ray teases.

OH you have no idea… Maybe if I ask real nice, she will let me play right here? Yeah I’m an asshole I know, but I’m not thinking with the head that has a brain in it right now…

After a major junk adjustment and a long uncomfortable silence I smile at Kate. "So Babe, what does it take to get into your VIP lounge?" I ask as I run my fingers up her thigh.

A smile spreads across her face and she stands to her feet, coming to stand in front of me. My mouth is watering at the thought of her straddling me right here, then she slams her heeled foot into my already throbbing crotch. "Shit! OW!" I yelp, as she twists her spiked heel apparently carving her name across my dick. Her eyes meet mine and I can’t help but get lost in those deep browns.

"Listen here you arrogant bastard. When I let you passed the velvet barrier, you won’t ever want to leave. Chill with the cocky bullshit. It doesn’t work on me." Turning away she sits back down and crosses one leg over the other and I swear I die a little when her dress rides up almost revealing her ass.

"My God Sweetheart, I don’t think I have ever been this turned on in my entire life. " I groan as her eyes rake over my body.

"I hate you." She snaps.

"I want you to." I reply, because I do I want her to hate me really hard!

Leaping into my lap, she slams her mouth down onto mine and my dick is banging on my zipper like the police at a crack house raid. She yanks my hair as I slide my hands up, pulling her harder against me. She pulls away just as quickly and I seriously wanna cry for my dick right now. He is SO being lead on here, he doesn’t understand the game Kate and I are playing… Hell I don’t either but I am loving this shit! No one challenges me, no one says no…ever. I mean shit I am Zack Mitchell!

Kate settles back in her chair and completely unaffected reapplies her lip gloss. I am panting and all I want to do is go caveman and drag her the hell out of here. "I want to dance Zack, I want to have a conversation, and maybe even breakfast." She starts as she closes her bag and meets my eyes. "Then I will wreck you, ruin you and make you scream." She says calmly and…yep my heart stopped. MEDIC MAN DOWN!

"I’ll give you my first born and anything else you want except my car if you will come home with me right now." I say dropping to my knees in front of her.

"I’m worth it… You wait baby because you’ll give it all to me anyway and then some." She deadpans as she runs her thumb across my lips. Holy shit… I have no doubt. What is happening to me? I usually couldn’t give two shits. Once they say no, I am done and moving on to the next fine piece of ass. With Kate, I want to drag it out, and enjoy it. I want to see where it goes with us, what we can have.

"Come on Kate, dance with me Sweetheart?" I beg. Holy hell! This chick has me begging and not for sex, she has me begging to dance?

She grins, knowing she has me and damn it she does. She has me by the balls. "Only because you ask so nicely." She replies.

After she talks to her sister and Ray reminds me once again not to be an asshole, they leave and Kate drags me to the dance floor, and somewhere along the way since I met her I think I lost the heart I didn’t think I had.

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Author Bio:
Amy Cox is a twenty nine year old wife and mother of three. She was born and raised just outside St. Louis Missouri in Granite City, Illinois. After finding her own love story in real life; she lives happily married living in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. Having wrote stories and poetry all her life Amy was inspired to write of life and love; which lead to taking the leap of faith into self-publishing her work on Amazon.

Her first book, a novella called ‘Out of the Wreckage, was released in late February of 2013 and has sold well over a thousand copies and growing quickly. Changing Fate is her first full length novel and the first of the series published by Bright Wood Press. The second book of the series, Thankful, will be out November 19, 2013.

"There is something about love, the true kind of love that puts off such heat and emotion. It makes your stomach roll and your heart clench. It completely knocks your feet out from under you. That feeling where you don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or throw something. That is what I want to write about, what I want to capture; that is life. It is real."

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