Friday, November 1, 2013

Review: "Taking Chances" by Ann Omasta


Our strong, female heroine in this passionate journey is Abigail Brown, a 28-year-old divorcee who has never had an orgasm, much to her chagrin. Despite being self-conscious about what she considers to be her body's 'failings', she has built a terrific life for herself in the quaint, lakeside town of Harbor Shores, Michigan.

She thinks that she has discovered her 'happily ever after' ending when she stumbles upon the perfect man, who shows her the intense sensual bliss that her body is capable of enjoying. It is smooth sailing for Abby, until a second Mr. Perfect comes along and rocks her world!

"Taking Chances" is a fun, contemporary romance novel that follows Abby's story through the complications of being entangled in a sensual love-triangle. She discovers and begins to embrace her sexuality along the way and decides that she'll grab at the chance to experience true love.

My Review:


I was totally prepared for this to be the "typical" romance-y, chick-lit read. You know the kind i'm talking about...the main character is your average, everyday girl next door and on a spur of the moment incident, she finds her knight
in shining armor. From then on the story is pretty predictable. Well, this book didn't really fit into that scenario, well maybe in the beginning but it definitely has a few twists and turns that came unexpectedly.

The beginning of the book was pretty even paced, maybe even a little predictable, but the banter between Abby and Courtney kept me reading. Once Abby meets Seth (or Sumptuous Seth as she
fondly refers to him) it REALLY picks up. Something is awakened inside of Abby (in MORE ways than one) and she comes into her own.
There is a part in the book where Seth asks her to a benefit and the book takes an interesting turn. I don't want to elaborate too much for fear of ruining it for those who haven't read it.
But I was NOT expecting it! From this point the book gets even juicier and i didn't realize how fast I was turning the pages until I got to the end and realized it was a CLIFFHANGER!
I immediately went to see if the next book is out (which by the way it is NOT but will be entitled "Making Choices).

This was a fun, easy read with some steamy scenes and funny banter. I can't wait to read "Making Choices," because I KNOW what choice I want Abby to make!

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