Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: Carnal Knowledge by Crystal Blue (this book is intended for readers 18+)


A college campus, a co-ed who may be a nymphomaniac...what could happen? Just about anything...

The year is 1966. Carol is an extra-young college freshman, away from home and the scrutiny of her parents for the first time. Determined to explore her sexual identity she dates older men, but is forced to wait for her eighteenth birthday to lose her virginity. But, when she reaches that landmark, all bets are off and she is at last free to satisfy her urges. Throughout her college years, Carol finds herself in ever more precarious sexual escapades, until finally, she must be rescued by her roommate and a man she has come to know as a friend. After her devastating experience in a frat house, can she return to a life of uncomplicated sex? Will one man be able to satisfy her after she has known forbidden pleasure with many? Must she be deprived of the one thing that is necessary for her greatest release? And, after all she experiences, will she be able to find her own happily-ever-after? This is not your typical HEA romance!

WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit situations and language. It is intended for mature readers, 18+, only.

My Review: 3/5 stars

*I was given a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

I'm not really sure how I feel about the Carol, the main character. It was so much her sexual exploits that bothered me (though agreeing not once but TWICE to the events that happened at the frat house shocked and appalled me) but her nonchalance about them. Not once did I read mention of her using protection (except with Dan). I KNOW it's fiction, but it still bothered me. I felt like she should have seemed some type of therapy. As far as Dan goes, that man must be a saint because there is no way a normal guy would be okay with doing what he did for Carol. The sex scenes were plenty steamy and it was a fast paced read.

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