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Interview w/Victoria Kinnaird. Author of "The Red Sun Rises"

So my lovely Amongsters....Author Victoria Kinnaird is being featured on my facebook page for this entire week! She and I had an interview/discussion about "The Red Sun Rises" (her DEBUT novel) and she also gave "A Girl Amongst Books" an EXCLUSIVE peek into the future of the Trilogy. I reviewed the book for Nerd Girl and was amazed at her descriptive writing. She has a way with words and the story drew me in with her first sentence...anyway I could go on and on about this book...without further gushing about how awesome Victoria is....here's the discussion (interview sounds too formal..lol) we had about TRSR:

*Note-for those who haven't read the book...there may be a few little spoilers but nothing too major. Proceed at your own risk..lol

A Girl Amongst Books:  I personally loved Eren & Lilith. But Eren was my absolute favorite character in the book. Do you have a favorite character or maybe even a least favorite?

Victoria Kinnaird:  I don't really have a single favourite, I love all my characters in their own way but of course my trio - Eren, Corbijn and Andy - hold a special place in my heart! I don't have a least favourite either, but Corbijn is definitely the hardest to write. He can be quite cold, as a character, but Eren loves him so it's important that the readers love him as well! I would like to think that people see what Eren sees, despite Corbijn's reservations!

A Girl Amongst Books:
I definitely can see where Corbijin could be difficult. His whole "I'm not your boyfriend" comments really makes me want to smack him!

 I've heard you say that you struggled w/TRSR while writing it (at least when you first started). Was it writer's block? Insecurities? Or just stubborn characters?

Victoria Kinnaird:  I did struggle with it, I was writing it on and off for five years! It was nothing to do with the characters, I've always had a really good connection with my characters, it was a combination of insecurity and real life getting in the way. I was forever starting it, getting a couple of chapters in, deciding it was rubbish and scrapping it, only to come back to it a few months later because my characters - Eren in particular - just would not leave me alone. It went on like that for years. Eventually, I worked up the courage to show what I was writing to my friends, and their support really spurned me on to finally finish it!

A Girl Amongst Books: I'm glad that your friends were supportive! This story needed to be written! I think sometimes in YA its either ALL or nothing and you showed how "it" (meaning sex, relationships, etc) can be written without being OVERLY descriptive. I'm a mom , to a 7 yr old & 3 yr old and even though they aren't ready for these types of books, yet...when the time comes for them to read "older" themed books, i'll "screen" them before i allow them to read. Sometimes YA seems to cross over an "invisible" line into "grown-up" territory. If you know what I mean...lol
Victoria Kinnaird:
and this is the thing, although I knew that this book would not shy away from sex - Eren and Corbijn have had sex by the end of the book and I'm pretty sure everyone knows it - they don't talk about it, it's very much left at the bedroom door
by Book 2, they're a bit older and a bit more comfortable and they joke about it, a bit, but even then it's never explicit.

A Girl Amongst Books:  So, the story takes place in All Hallows....is the town based off of any local areas where you live?

Victoria Kinnaird: All Hallows is not based on anywhere in particular, it's very much my vision of a small, American town! I live in Glasgow, Scotland, so All Hallows is very different!

A Girl Amongst Books: Now, let's talk a little about the "villian" in your book.
Lord Gaunt is "the bad guy".... He's obsessed with Corbijin and I personally feel the reason is because he wants to right a wrong. We get a little information about what happened in TRSR. Will it tie into the next 2 books in the trilogy?

Victoria Kinnaird: Gaunt is an interesting character because it would be so easy to simply paint him as a villain - and lots of people, including Gaunt, do that. They don't want to see that there may be depth there because Gaunt's back story is kind of tragic. He killed the man he loved - the only man he loved - in a fit of rage, and he has spent hundreds of years tracking the reincarnated soul of that man down in the hope that he could have a second chance. To me, there is something kind of romantic about that. Of course, what Gaunt does not realise, is that Corbijn is not that man - although Gaunt never gives up hope. He knows, deep down, that his love is lost forever but he's determined to keep trying! Gaunt does pop up in Book 2 and there is a scene with him that gives a real insight into his character.

A Girl Amongst Books: I think that this is an amazing book with believeable characters (even though they are fictitious characters). The emotions that they feel are almost palpable. While I was reading the book I personally felt like I knew the characters, like I could relate to some of their issues. This book isn't your typical YA vampire novel. It's so much more than that and I am glad I read it.

That being said, Is there anything you'd like to say to anyone who's read or is considering reading your book?
Victoria Kinnaird: Something I'd like to say to people who have read the book, I guess I would just say that I really do appreciate everyone who has taken the time and spent money on my book, it means the world to me! For people who are thinking of buying the book, I would just say that I tried my best to make it as entertaining and as fun as possible! The book has a lot of heart but hopefully a lot of laughs as well.
If you'd like to read "The Red Sun Rises" here is the link to Amazon: TRSR
Victoria's Amazon Author Page: Victoria Kinnaird
Victoria's FB page: FB Page

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