Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review (by Sami & Stephenee): "Love Renewed" by C.S. Janey



Returning to her hometown after fleeing ten years ago, the last person Charlotte Reylin wants to spend time with is the man who had broken her heart and her trust, yet Trevin Green seems determined to show her that their love never died.

Though she'd sworn to never live in Oakford again, Charlotte Reylin is back after the death of her husband, living with her mother and her autistic five year old son. She never imagined she'd run into the man who had broken her heart, or the maelstrom of emotions seeing him anew would induce...

Trevin Green has loved Charlotte for as long as he can remember. After discovering that she has returned to their hometown, he resolves to let nothing get in the way of renewing their love - including Shelby, the woman who screwed things up the first time and seems to want to do so again...

Is it possible for Trevin to convince Charlotte to let go of the past and give love a second chance, or will she turn her back on it - and him - for good?

Review (by Sami):

I was given Loved Renewed for an honest review.

Loved Renewed was a great book that kept you saying what will happen next? Let me just say in all relationships you should never run away without getting closure. With that being said, the story starts off with Charlotte's heart broken into a billion pieces by her one true love Trevin Green and so she runs away with her best friend Jack. Charlotte hopes to move on and never see Trevin again. That was her plan until Charlotte finds herself back in her small home town 10 years later and runs into Trevin. What will Charlotte do? You will have to read Loved Renewed to find out!

Loved Renewed is a wonderful book with passion, love, heartbreak, forgiving and learning how to trust again.

Review (by Stephenee):

This was one of the most endearing love stories I have read in a long time. The fact that two people are so in love and are able to withstand a 10 year "break" and still remember the littlest things that they used to know and love is the ultimate fairy tale romance for most women in the world today. This book was so well written and so realistic that I could picture this happening to friends or even myself. The characters are so likable and believable and the plot had some twists that you would never see coming, especially when they are unfolding. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to read a good love story with a bit of mystery and suspense (just a bit). Enjoy this book and the others that C.S. Janey has written as I know that I will!!


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