Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review: "Muse" by Erin McFadden

Muse (Descended From Myth: Book One)


The Brotherhood of the Guardians has existed for thousands of years to serve a single purpose: the protection of Talents, the mortal descendants of the original nine Muses.
Twenty-one year-old Daniel Lyoncourt has trained his entire life to join the Guardians. Daniel is prepared to risk his life in order to keep his Talent safe, but when he's assigned to nineteen year-old Anna Saint-James, he discovers that his life isn't the only thing he could lose. Anna has no idea how special she is and knows nothing about her abilities. He must teach her to control her gifts, keep her safe, and hope that he can find a place in her life as something more than just her bodyguard.
All power comes at a price. Like all Talents, Anna must one day make a choice: lose all of her powers, or ascend to a higher plane, leaving behind everyone she loves.

My Review:

*I was given a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

I wasn't ready for how fast this book sucked me into it's gravitational pull. From page one I was hooked. The author seamlessly draws you into a world where being a Muse can be dangerous. I really enjoyed the storyline and plot of this novel, it was different than most of the young adult books out there. I've read lots of books in this genre and this is one of the best I have read in a long time. The characters are well written, the word building is good and the writing flows nicely. Anna and Daniel's relationship isn't based on teenage hormones like so many you read now a days. It was refreshing to read a book that was actually acceptable for a young adult to read. There was a little bit of something for everyone in this book; Action, humor (I laughed a few times while reading because of the banter), romance and suspense. The ending wasn't an epic cliffhanger but definitely left me wanting to read the next book to see what is in store for Anna, Daniel, the other "Talents" and the Guardians. Kudos to Ms. McFadden for writing a YA novel that even a not so "young" adult enjoyed reading.

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