Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Review: Unlikely Hero by Kemmie Michaels (Atlanta Series #1)


Erin never would have expected to fall in love. Never. Not with her past, and not with her fear. She never dates; she doesn't even allow herself friendships. She doesn’t trust her judge-of-character skills enough to allow anyone close...until Marcus. With him, a deep connection happens in spite of the walls she's so carefully constructed around herself.
Marcus uses his self-confessed rage to fuel every part of his life. He survived the severe abuse of his childhood and learns to harness all the leftover anger into MMA fighting. His rage takes a rest, however, the moment he experiences Erin’s presence. Marcus dares to make the step that leads to love, one with the potential to heal them both.


* I received a free Ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This book started out a bit slow for me. In the beginning I was so frustrated with Erin. I hated how she tucked herself away from the world and focused solely on her fear. Depriving herself of virtually everything and just feeding into her fear. I wanted to shake her and smack her upside the head. I mean I understand that she was terrified about what happened and she was lost in that fear, but I was really getting fed up with her. Then in swoops Marcus....and I really felt for him. He had been through so much trauma from such an early age and here he was surviving and living his life. I really enjoyed the notes they wrote back and forth to each other, but was getting a little peeved when they took MONTHS to finally meet. Anyway...the steamy parts were steamy and the banter evolved nicely between them. I like how Erin found her confidence through Marcus. BUT I hated how she kept saying she "wasn't strong enough without him." To me it made her seem like she was still "playing the victim." YES, Marcus helped her out of her darkness, BUT if she didn't want to come into the light, it wouldn't have mattered how much Marcus was there. I also liked how Marcus evolved in the book as well. I enjoyed reading about Cassie and Scott at the end of the book and hope that they will be the next book in the series. Overall I rated this book at 3 1/2 stars. I would like to read more of the series and see where the author takes it!

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